Knowledge is Power, Power is Freeom!
Knowledge is Power, Power is Freeom!

If you want to make it rich in this new services economy. You better be offering some viable services or you will be finding yourself leading the life of mere mortals! Thus, the bump and Grind” of the 9 to 5 regiment. The life draining , soul crushing, life in a brick and mortar.

Get Web Skillz! And then some!

There is no silver bullet here. In order to become a proficient online trader you have to learn the basic concepts in a lot of areas! For instance:

  • Basic economics, know how our market economy works!
  • Online Networks, understand what the internet is, and how it works!
  • Grasping the basic of software installations and thier functionality! Starting with your OS or Mac!
  • Acquire the tools for the job you want to do!

What I recommend is that you take it slow and start by reading up on the basics of good web design as a hobby. Get a good idea of what these topics are: online etiquette, html, seo and social networking. They are very broad terms and encompass many other area, how far you go is based on the amount of time and interest in the subject matter. But as a business owner you should at least know the basics of seo and social media. Twitter Facebook and Google + are your most important ones.