Yes folks it’s true. The FBI has reached around the world and persuaded a foreign government (New Zealand) to arrest it’s own, for violating their laws! Let’s be straight, I can hardly shed a tear for Kim Dotcom and friends. His life of extravagance purchased by distributing 70-80% pirated illegal materials was (if he is found guilty of the charges) …theft. Sure, not everybody was doing illegal activity, (I wasn’t, I swear!) but most were. This is not what bothers me the most thought, what bothers me is that the U.S who has for decades turned a blind eye to the copyright infringements of China and it’s costs to the U.S economy! The costs at which they are inestimable. For crying out loud, China is copying cars, fridges, TV’s, etc, etc… But still to this day China makes up 80% of U.S. imports. But the hypocrisy doesn’t end there. The same U.S. companies that hire Chinese manufacturers to build their products, turn a blind eye to the very same companies that re-brand and re-distribute their wares. US companies stay quiet because their profit is always the greater interest! Still cheaper to exploit the low labor cost, lax environmental laws, and a purposefully devalued Yuan.

Where is the due process? Where is the justice is blind? Our banks have plundered more, and defrauded the American taxpayer by leaps and bounds more than Dotcom, yet they pursue him with such fervor! While our banker are practically regulating themselves! The FBI emblem…seemingly proudly, now floats on Megauploads website. SEIZED it says! Even before Kim’s the trial has begun, the FBI, their ISP and NZ has judged them guilty and shut them down. Justice is served? If justice is to have meaning, it must be blind! Our major Banks uh…em (JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and the rest) must all be brought to justice as well. Corruption, fraud and all theft need to be investigated! Because what it looks like is that the crime of the common is criminal, while if you come from the right circle in the US your crimes go unnoticed!

The common man or woman pays, in every way! The bankers steals! The citizen pays! The citizen steals from the bakers, the citizen pays! This is about two classes of justice and how by ignoring one class…letting their greed go unchecked, everything will eventually collapse as it has always! The elites are too greedy and take too much. Sure go after Dotcom, but give him du process. And if the FBI doesn’t want to look like they are taking sides, they should arrest Jamie Dimon at least for the hundreds of millions he has stolen from the Fedral Food Stamp program, to name just one of many crimes this man has committed.