The Policy of Fear and The After Effect of MegaUpload! You are Being Watched!

Yes people are treading softly these days. As we start to see our governments reign in our freedoms (we so happily took for granted) and enact controls over our freedoms in the name of safety, people are nervous. And rightly so! Nothing is sacred, and everywhere is monitored for “criminal activity”. Mind you that civil disobedience, mounting peaceful government protests (the right to free speech) and other peaceful activism has become a criminal act. The people involved, monitored, tweets, facebook etc. With new soft wares in hand, our law enforcement are now in the habit of monitoring citizens dissent. Scary!

With bloated government agency like the CIA, NSA and FBI ( thank you Patriot Act See: Bank Secrecy Act, Roving Wiretap ) They spend most of their day making them self viable at the cost of the American taxpayer and privacy! Who was monitoring Rupert Murdoch, Jamie Dimon et al… The Patriot Act is a farce that goes against the very principles that American has come to stand for. It is a social control tool, not a justice tool. It is in fact unjust in so many ways!

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