When I first started using Godaddy, I thought they were the best! But as they grew from a start-up to a bloated corporation focused more on money than on service, their customer service declined exponentially! First of all, why is it that a company of such magnitude not have a 1-800 number. It is the only major “hosting” company that I know that doesn’t have a 1-800. That’s because they know that they receive a lot of complaints due to their complicated control panels, and insanely frustrating hosting directory structure, designed to sell you everything that a lot of other companies give for free.
Even thought they advertise that they are Joomla compatible, if you plan on building a Joomla CMS on the server be ready to spend a lot of money on long distance calls. (Yes, no 1.800 number there!) They have their own control panels, no Cpanel as well; this is done not for the customer but to up sell you crap at every click of the button, that other hosting companies offer for free!